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The Princess And The Queen
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Redthepanda98's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hey there it's me Mirre or (Redthepanda) My favorit colure is Red and Yellow my favorit animal is Redpanda and lynx, I'm singel and are 15 years old, I have no glasses and have long red/orange hair Got a brother and my best friends are :iconmynameisdragon: and :iconrinlovesbirdies: And I live in Sweden ^^

Amazing pepole: :iconskitea: :iconurnam-bot: :icondesticia: :iconblakycat: :iconheadpott:

DJ-lution: Vaporeon by PeekingBoo DJ-lution: Jolteon by PeekingBoo DJ-lution: Eevee by PeekingBoo

My Pokemon Team by Redthepanda98
634 - Zweilous by Marlenesstamps Shiny Vaporeon by Marlenesstamps 037 - Vulpix by Marlenesstamps 417 - Pachirisu by Marlenesstamps Don't you worry love by FleetingFirefly

Mirre Jurnaldoll by MynameisDragon :|: CS :|: Redpanda98 by Eeveestarluver Jurnall doll gift for Mirre by MynameisDragon Lotus Jurnall doll by MynameisDragon

Fateclans 100 theme challenge

1. Introduction

2. The Prophecy

3. Memorable scars Just an mirror.. by Redthepanda98

4. A queen and her kits

5. A father and his kits

5. Happy family

6. Apprentice ceremony

7. Warrior ceremony

8. Medicine cat

9. Deputy

10. Leader

11. A tragic death

12. Patrol

13. Border skirmish

14. Treating the injured

15. FOXES!


17. Bullied

18. Best friends

19. Betraying your clan Brother betrayd by Redthepanda98

20. Betraying the rogues

21. The rogue group

22. The borderless

23. Streamclan

24. Lakeclan

25. Shallowclan

26. Stoneclan

27. Starclan

28. Elders

29. Telling stories

30. Playful kits

31. What colors are MY eyes?

32. Strong feelings

33. Out hunting

34. Look at this view!

35. The water

36. Memories

37. Sharing tongues

38. Fresh-Kill pile

39. I ate too much prey...

40. The Gathering Island

41. Argument between the leaders

42. The last life is passing away..

43. The new leader's lives.

44. Now they shine atop their clan.

45. Curious

46. Failed hunt

47. New-leaf

48. Green-leaf

49. Leaf-fall

50. Leaf-Bare

51. Butterfly

52. Sickly feelings

53. Guilt

54. Anger

55. Despair

56. Surprise

57. Oops! Sorry..

58. Forbidden love

59. Five against one

60. Movie screenshot of your favorite part of Brightpaw's Fate!

61. Mary-sue

62. The army of worms, sponsored by Gracefur.

63. Sibling love

64. Sibling hate

65. Will you be my mate?

66. Are you ready to take the position of Deputy?

67. Save me..

68. Is.. is that Nyan cat in the sky?

69. No! That's a unicorn!

70. Cheiftan of evil


72. For honor!

73. Gathering moss

74. Cleaning Elder bedding

75. Storm

76. Rebuilding the dens

77. Strong winds

78. Growing wings

79. Mutation

80. Disgrace to the name of cats

81. The truth must come out

82. You will be killed for your sins

83. Happy times

84. Relaxing

85. Sleeping

86. Dream

87. Nightmare

88. Love triangle

89. Ambushed

90. Crimson stains the water tonight

91. Carefree

92. Escaping death

93. Facing up to your fears

94. Clan cat-Rogue cross-over love

95. Tough decision

96. Revenge

97. Purified mind

98. Moonpool

99. Too much catnip

100. Hakuna matata! What a wonderful phrase!
here is the link to my new account, I will abond my old one... sooon.....
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Hey Mirre! Du glömde dina underkläder hemma hos mig!
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Ja! de är jag väll, har ritat han ganska mycket, va då rå?
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men va fan då, hjälp mig!!!! ;w;
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